Discover how to activate your body’s capacity for dissolving blocks and traumas so you thrive on every level — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Establish a strong, intimate relationship with your unique physical self — and your innate guidance system — for a lifetime of greater intuition, vitality, pleasure and joy.

It’s so delicious to experience the calmness, groundedness and crystal clear awareness that comes with full body presence.

In this state, you’re in tune with your body’s sensations and the wisdom they hold for you AND you’re able to follow this wisdom.

Your life flows more effortlessly. You have a greater sense of belonging and connectedness. Your creativity is let loose. You’re truly present with others — and they feel your welcoming energy and become more relaxed and present themselves!

Or, you may have negative perceptions about your body — you don’t think you’re attractive enough, believe you’re too heavy, too thin. Or perhaps, you’re struggling to accept aging.

These un-beneficial thoughts coupled with our unconsciousness around our body’s sensations create blind spots to achieving the optimal presence we desire in our everyday.

They can also stifle our spiritual growth — the inner wisdom, compassion and connectedness we open to on the cushion often feeling just out of reach.

When you’re not in touch with the messages your body is giving you — such as the wave of uneasiness that can fill your gut when a situation doesn’t feel quite right or the constriction in your heart area that tells you you’re grieving — you can become overwhelmed, stressed or distracted, your mind and body confused.

The remedy for this imbalance — which most of us struggle with daily — is to establish a strong, deep, intimate relationship with your own unique physical self.

When you discover how to establish and nurture a healthy relationship with your body, you can reclaim the “lost parts” of yourself, draw from your body’s innate wisdom and better navigate your life.

Science tells us that our many body systems are meant to work together, to help us maintain internal stability and balance — optimal homeostasis.

Your body is designed to guide you, keep you safe, and bring you full vitality and pleasure. It’s the vehicle through which you create and manifest your thoughts and dreams into reality.

When you’re in tune with your body, you can more easily achieve that luscious feeling of full body presence more often because you’re aware of the sensations and signals your body is sending you, you know how to interpret this innate wisdom AND how to use its gifts.

So, how do you learn to listen to your body in ways that help you

use it as the wise navigational system it is?

Be guided by a Body Awareness Expert!

In Reclaiming Your 6 Body Wisdom Areas, bestselling author and leading conscious-awareness instructor Suzanne Scurlock will provide you with the knowledge you need to discover, tune into and draw from the power of your body wisdom areas — for greater intuition, discernment, vitality, personal power and joy.

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